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Letter: Beware as ‘wind machines’ begin cropping up


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Being a former West Texan, Roswell has always been dear to me. Now that I’m a permanent resident I feel very lucky. The panoramic view is breathtaking and reminds me of what I once had.

Mesas on the horizon, fog rising up from the caprock, dust devils waltzing across the range, sunrises and sunsets painted with every color imaginable describes my Texas home until …

A California company covered our mesas, ranch land and fields with wind machines as far as the eye can see in every direction. That’s all you can see is these giant white monstrosities that will forever be there. Once no longer needed the lease ends, money dries up, the company moves on and the landowner is forever stuck with rusting metal towers, splintered fiberglass blades, leaking motors and crumbling cement bases.

My heart sank when the Roswell Daily Record reported these same wind machines were moving into Chaves and some surrounding counties. Of course nearly everyone is elated over the money and are unable to see past the green. I’m begging you to please open your eyes and not allow this cancerous growth to destroy what we have.

Thank you.

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Barbara Langford Arnett


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