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Letter: Roswell shouldn’t focus on ‘keeping up with Artesia’


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The Safety Center: Sorry but there are more pressing issues than keeping up with Artesia, which is what this is all about.

The mayor got the idea from Artesia, got his cost estimates from Artesia, based on the design used by Artesia. … And of course he wants a tax increase for the property owners only. He’s really hoping that the 30% of people in Roswell who do not own property will vote this in.We’ve already been scammed by those who wanted the Convention Center, twice. (Shame on us.) This has all the earmarks.

Build the convention center and they will come, increase its size and I promise you they really, really will come. I can’t recall a single convention.

Now we should build a Safety Center because the mayor, using his infallible clairvoyance, foresees a 50% increase in population some time in the future. Perhaps he believes all those people who attend the many conventions we host will decide to move here.The problem is this, all elected officials, as soon as they are elected a second time, begin to think they are smarter than they are and smarter than you. Obviously this mayor thinks so.

Rick Wolfert

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