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Man charged in alleged sexual assault


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A man faces several criminal charges after he allegedly sexually assaulted and strangled a young woman Saturday night while she was riding with him in his vehicle.

David Lee Gonzales, 46, of Roswell, is charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact and one count each of sexual penetration, battery and interference with communications, according to documents filed Monday in Chaves County Magistrate Court.

Gonzales was released on his own recognizance Monday following an initial appearance in Magistrate Court.

Court documents state that an 18-year-old girl was allegedly strangled and touched sexually while riding in a family friend’s car. She was later determined to have signs of battery on her neck and left ear.

The woman told police Saturday evening Gonzales had picked her up earlier that night to give her a ride to the Dollar General in the 1000 block of South Main Street to buy some snacks.

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While driving to the store, Gonzales is alleged to have made sexual comments to the woman. Court documents state the woman told police that once she and Gonzales arrived at the store, he began touching her under her clothes and kissing her on the mouth, even though she told him not to.

She later informed police that after going into the store and buying the snacks, she and Gonzales went to his residence and parked in the driveway, court documents state.

He then allegedly began touching her body and reaching into her clothes, but the woman kept pushing him off and ordering him to get off of her.

Gonzales then became angry and ordered her to get out of the car and walk.

The woman told police she began walking away and playing on her phone, when Gonzales allegedly drove up to her and begged her to get into the car. Court documents indicate she later told police she wanted to keep walking, but didn’t think it was safe to do so and got back into the car.

Once in the car, the woman was playing with the phone, and Gonzales allegedly got mad and took away her phone. She told Gonzales to give her phone back  and he responded, “No, I don’t have to.”

She later told police she then punched Gonzales in the face twice and tried to get out of the car.

Court documents allege that Gonzales grabbed her in the arm and held her in a chokehold while driving. She later told police he had his arm wrapped around her so tight that she could not breathe.

The woman later recounted to police that Gonzales later let go of her and gave her phone back once they reached a stop sign in the 500 block of South Wyoming Avenue and she then walked home crying.

Gonzales was later detained and subsequently interviewed by police Sunday morning. According to court documents, he told police that the woman was his girlfriend, but denied ever having sexual contact with her. Gonzales said she began hitting him and yelling at him the night of the incident because she wanted to spend the night at his house.

Court documents state Gonzales informed police he would not let her spend the night because her parents were calling her. He said that while they were in the car, she began hitting him in the chest and bruising one of his eyes.

He said that he eventually got ahold of the woman and might have accidentally choked her because he could not really see at the time, according to court documents.

Gonzales later gave police consent to examine his fingernail clippings and swab his hands so they could find out if the woman’s DNA was on his hands, the court documents state.

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