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Letter: Cost of proposed safety complex ‘excessive’


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I want to give people my thoughts on this proposed new public safety complex. The $35 million cost is excessive. I would concede the police station does need upgrades, and Fire Station 2. However, we have a great Dispatch Center, Municipal Court and code enforcement buildings. The city just paid $500,000 for heating system at the police station.

This $120 dollar tax on $100,000 value of our homes. If you’re on a fixed income, there is no way you can afford this. There is a rush to burden the taxpayers, on something that is not needed.

If this passes, the city will be close to maxed out on bonds. We have millions of dollars needed for road repair, and infrastructure, yet the mayor and some councilors are pushing this complex so they can have a feather in their cap.

As a city councilor I voted to allow this question, a public vote.

George Peterson, Ward 4

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