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Letter: A choice between very different alternatives


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There is justifiable outrage when mass shootings occur, but there is little attention paid to the continual individual loss of life in our cities. Furthermore, there is even less concern in the general public for the loss of over 3,000 souls daily through abortion. Baby killers! That’s all I can say about the senators who voted, Feb. 25 and 26, not only against banning abortions after 20 weeks (S. 3275), but also against giving treatment to babies that survive attempted abortions — the born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S. 311). If that law had passed and a baby is crying and flailing arms and legs after surviving an abortion, treatment by the medical staff would have been mandated. Without that bill passed into law the baby must be left alone to die. Both of our New Mexico senators voted against both bills. …

This November we have a choice between two very different and important alternatives: Life and death. With Senator Udall retiring we have the opportunity to fill a senator position with one who will vote for life.

Dick Bartlett

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