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Letter: Is the temperature in Roswell rising?


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When I examine the results of the recent Municipal Election, I am reminded of the old anecdote of the frog in a pot of water, remaining so comfortable and complacent in the warmth that it doesn’t even realize the temperature is slowly rising to a boil.

While city officials celebrate the fact that the recent election yielded the highest turnout in 10 years, it seems quite a hollow victory, when 78% did not participate. This means 22% of the population are literally determining major decisions for the future of Roswell. The reason for the “landslide turnout?”

A controversial bond issue that would affect our wallets. When something is going to cost us money, we pay attention. The irony of the entire situation, however, is that we do not seem to pay any attention at all to the bigger picture that affects us and our wallets on a daily basis — the people running for office who consistently, regularly decide when, where and how our money is spent — the City Council. While we had our focus lasered in on this one issue of the bond we missed the bigger opportunity to literally uproot the status quo and change direction in our quality of life here in Roswell, with new leadership, focused on new business, growth and improved infrastructure. Do we really believe we can keep the same people in office, year after year, and expect different results? What message are we sending to brave souls who would dare step up to run against unopposed candidates to give us a choice and chance for change?

We had the chance to “jump out of the pot” with new opportunities and a new direction, yet we chose to stay complacent, in the warm water as the temperature slowly rises.

Stacy Wolkwitz
President, Concerned Citizens for NM

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