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Megan Patterson, front, and Matthew Armijo add rolls of toilet paper and cans of infant formula Thursday morning to the First United Methodist Church community cupboard at Kentucky Avenue and Third Street, near the church parking lot. When Patterson and Armijo found themselves not working last week because of orders to close schools and cut back restaurant service, the couple decided to keep busy helping others. They donate items to the cupboard from their own home as well as from other Roswell residents, and deliver goods from the cupboard or stores to people unable to leave their homes. Patterson said Pastor Laird Cross and the church have offered to help them with money for gas and donations for the cupboard. Anyone can donate to or take from the cupboard. Donations can also be left at the church, according to a sign posted in the cupboard. Patterson is a moderator of a Facebook group, Roswell, NM Resources during COVID-19, where more than 5,000 residents are connecting to provide or ask for assistance and share information.


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