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Looking Up: UFOs are definitely here, but why?


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By Donald Burleson

Special to the Daily Record

Unidentified flying objects have long been seen in our skies. In terms of reliable eyewitness accounts, radar tracks and valid photographs, the evidence for their presence is clearly overwhelming, but we’ll probably always have more questions about them than we have answers. One haunting question: Why are they here? Why do they visit us?

Let’s entertain this question first under the assumption that at least some UFOs are indeed alien visitors from other star systems. Hollywood offers a reason for their presence, almost surely not the right reason. In dozens of sci-fi movies, aliens have told their human contacts something like: “We’re from a planet that’s dying, and we have come to take over Earth.” In reality, such plans of conquest are exceedingly unlikely, for one compelling reason. The anomalous airborne objects we have observed are so obviously of advanced technology, and have been visiting our planet for so long — quite possibly for centuries — that if their intention was to take possession of Earth, they could long since have done so.

This reasoning of course assumes that one can infer things about aliens’ thought processes from their observed behavior. Arguably this is a dubious assumption, since their minds may be as different from ours as ours are different from the brain of a housefly or an ant. It seems improbable though, that an alien race in need of a new home would wait for centuries before securing it, when they could so easily prevail.

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The motives for alien visitation — if not planned conquest — might indeed be hard to discern when they originate in minds probably very differently evolved. However, we can still make some prudent guesses. It may not be coincidental that a spate of UFO events — including Roswell — followed so soon after the atomic detonations at Trinity and Hiroshima. Possibly, UFO crews thought: “What are these miscreants up to now? Maybe we ought to keep an eye on them.” If they’ve lingered nearby for years, closely watching the antics of humankind, one could scarcely blame them for having some concerns about our mental stability as a species.

Instead of aliens from across the galaxy, maybe UFO crews — some of them anyway — are time travelers from the distant future of our own planet. Why, then, would such voyagers be visiting us, their ancestors? The possible reasons we might speculatively give are intriguing.

Suppose, for example, we consider UFO crews’ frequent involvement in cattle mutilations. Why would time travelers do these things? If they’re harvesting DNA from these cattle, it could well be because they need it to correct problems in the way future cattle have evolved, conceivably even to avoid these animals becoming extinct. The same thing could just as well apply to UFO-related abduction incidents where the collection of DNA is involved. For whatever fantastic purposes, our far-future selves may have uses for human DNA from our own time-frame.

Still, more questions than answers. But the first step in the process of answering questions is to ask them.


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