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Letter – Crisis underscores state of health care


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A recent article by The Guardian writer Ankita Rao, titled “US private health insurance companies clog system amid Covid-19 pandemic,” underscores abysmal state of health care.

The subtitle, “Patients left waiting in beds until private insurance companies authorize next steps, which can take days,” was equally despondency-inducing.

Place yourself in the downtown area of one of the, say, top 10 US population centers. Allow your gaze to converge to the tallest, most modern looking skyscraper. It’s quite probable that structure is owned by an insurance company. The largest deduction on your paycheck helped to erect one of those edifices in one of those cities.

Rao’s article disclosed that many doctors are completely bypassing health insurance and charging cold cash to treat the lethal virus infection.

Can you blame them?

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How about the patient, who has circa $600 a month deducted from their paycheck, walking into this same physician’s practice only to discover they only accept cash?

Bill Gates donated 100 million dollars of his fortune to battle COVID-19. Do you think any of the health insurance monoliths has followed suit?

Steven Young



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