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Letter: Old election slogan may be revived


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Gov. Lujan-Grisham insists that big box stores are essential while small businesses are not and must stay closed. Her reasoning is that having risk at one place is the best approach. It is pretty obvious she has not been to a Walmart or Sam’s lately. People have nothing to do so many go to these stores every day or so and in many cases they are lined up waiting for them to open. It seems to me that the more stores that are open increases “social distancing” as it gives more people alternative places to buy their essentials.

I believe in “distancing,” but until there is a vaccine all we are doing is slowing it down so our hospitals are not overloaded and we are told the vaccine may take as much as 18 months to develop.

I believe our governor, who insists on keeping our state in shut-down mode, gets her direction from Nancy Pelosi and Pelosi, Schiff and Mueller hope that the virus can do to Trump what they could not do — destroy Trump.

Our governor could care less about the southern half of the state even though it contributes to a full third of our economy.

Many people are starting to defy unreasonable restrictions. These people include Democrats and Republicans and it is probably going to happen in New Mexico as well. My last remark is this: Moderate Democrats and RINOs (Republicans in name only) need to wake up. There was an election slogan not too many years ago: It’s the economy, stupid!

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Larry D. Griffin



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