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Letter: Let’s focus on caring, not gathering


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In the Sunday edition of the Record, on the same front page reporting on a rally demanding the state open the economy and ease the social distancing rules, you also reported on two new COVID-19 deaths in New Mexico, and 19 new cases. The number of cases continues to rise, so clearly we have not yet reached the peak.

New Mexico was very pro-active in its preparation and response to the pandemic, with the result that cases have not proliferated rapidly and have not overwhelmed our hospital system, as they did in Italy, and New York City. One of the most important tools in keeping the rate of infection low is social distancing. Isolation is not easy, and it carries a great deal of economic pain for many workers and business owners. A good many such owners question whether they will have a business left to reopen when the all-clear is given.

But we have to focus on what is important and valuable in our society, and that is our people. The economy is and must be secondary. It is crucial that we “flatten the curve” so that our medical facilities can keep up with the onslaught. A premature return to business as usual, even with precautions in place, could cause a spike in new cases that would be more than we can handle. Which would lead to unnecessary deaths.

We must be patient. And we must be caring. For some people, quarantine is a vacation. For others, it is ruin staring them in the face. It is expenses with no income. It is hungry families and empty cupboards. It is time to care, and to share. It is not time to gather.

Charmaine L. Martin

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