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Letter: Moves to stunt ‘hypervirulent killer’ not illegal


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During the recent Saturday rally to reopen the economy, a retired Roswell doctor stated, “The governor closed the churches, and I find that illegal by the United States Constitution that prohibits the interference of government with religion.”

A straightforward legally based refutation of this physician’s opinion is government policies/laws do not encroach upon religious freedom laws if they are enacted in order to save people’s lives.

So no, Gov. Grisham’s edicts, which are designed to stunt the infection rate of the hypervirulent killer bug in our presence, are not illegal.

This bug does not know if it is between the walls of a supermarket, classroom, restaurant or church. Ask any New York City ER doctor or nurse.

Steven Young

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Far left is taking advantage of this crisis

Had more people known about the protest rally Saturday, the number of people would have been much greater. Here’s why: We’re told to stay home. Open air golf courses are closed. Porta-potties have been removed from open air parks and trails. The unintended consequences is public urination (and it is not just males believe it or not). No elective outpatient surgery, but one can get an abortion; somehow that’s not elective?

All of the above scream out: Stay home!

The first step for the far left to promote socialism is to create dependence on government. Take advantage of a crisis. Keep people home. Kids stay up all night playing video games, watching TV or cellphone use, and then sleep all day. Who needs school? Promote laziness. Close parks, golf courses and promote couch potatoes watching reruns knowing that there will be an increased consumption of alcohol, drugs, increased depression and suicide.

There does not seem to be too much concern about this from our governor. She’s “protecting” us from the Wuhan virus. How do you spell politics. (And it did start in China.)

The liberals do nothing but bash Trump on how he has handled the situation, but they can’t tell you how they would have handled it any better. He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Face it: This is a war and there have been casualties and there will be more until we have a vaccine in possibly 18 months or so. So which risk is worse? The Wuhan virus or the Michelle Grisham Lujan virus which is the destroyer of the economy that will cause more deaths than the virus.

Older folks remember the Great Depression and no I am not running for office so unlike politicians I can say these things.

Larry D. Griffin



Group of mayors express support for governor’s orders

Dear governor: We write this letter to express our support for the actions you have taken to fight COVID-19 in the great State of New Mexico and to declare our commitment to staying the course you’ve charted until this deadly disease is fully defeated.

We write in full knowledge of the tremendous financial burden and social disruption caused by mandatory closings and social distancing orders and in equally full knowledge that these actions have saved lives by limiting the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Nothing has changed. The virus is still among us, and social distancing is still the only effective mechanism for slowing the contagion to avoid overwhelming our healthcare system. To change course now would be like throwing away our parachute midway to the ground. It would be as if a boxer dropped his fists and raised his chin in the middle of a round. It would dishonor the sacrifice New Mexicans have already made and put us back at square one. It would result in more lost lives.

As elected officials, we believe our most important duty is to protect the health and safety of our constituents — there is a deep and painful and temporary cost to our economy, yes, and we feel extremely confident we will rebuild it better than ever before when COVID-19 is defeated.

Throughout the history of our state, New Mexicans have stepped up to help each other during the most difficult of times, and we will continue to do so.

We trust in your leadership and the guidance you are receiving from the top medical experts in the state. We urge you to stay strong and to stay the course that is protecting New Mexicans. As you have said repeatedly: We are all in this together.

Signed: Mayor Tony Garcia, Town of Hagerman; Mayor Peter Nieto, Town of Mountainair; Mayor Alan Webber, City of Santa Fe; Mayor Daniel Barrone, City of Taos; Mayor Nora Barraza, Town of Mesilla; Mayor Jack Torres, Town of Bernalillo; Mayor Laudente Quintana II, Village of Wagon Mound; Mayor Ray Deans, Town of Carrizozo; Mayor Roger Sweet, Village of Jemez Springs; Mayor Ravi Bhasker, City of Socorro; Mayor Diana Murillo-Trujillo, City of Anthony; Mayor Jackie McKinney, City of Gallup; Mayor Ramon Garcia, Mayor of Vaughn; Mayor Robert Chavez, Village of Willard; Mayor Ted Benavidez, Village of Pecos; Mayor Nelson Kotiar, City of Santa Rosa; Mayor Richard Cordova, Village of Eagle Nest


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