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Letter: It’s time to return to work


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Is it time to go back to work? It seems there are a number of contending views.

The first is the division between the many healthcare professionals and the businessmen/economic community. While the preponderance of health care people would prefer no one works until all are cured with zero new infections, the economists and business professionals understand at zero cases we will no longer have a country. At some point we will start having more deaths from the shutdown than the virus; the causes being depression, addiction and suicide.

The other two contending views are those of people still receiving a pay check: government workers, politicians, school teachers and the media, versus those who are out of work or are not receiving any financial assistance. It’s considerably easier to be adamant about a shutdown if you’re getting a check.

The bottom line is that on a chart the virus is a downward slope heading to zero, while employment is a line on the same chart starting low because of the shutdown, and heading upward as we resume working.

The two lines cross at some point. If these lines don’t cross until the virus is gone, the country will also be destroyed.

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The point is, we have reached a time when these lines must cross, and we are out of time. Sadly more lives may be lost, but even more lives will be destroyed if we have no economy.

Every life is important and some additional people will perish from the virus, the best we can do is limit that loss as is our goal with all diseases. If we demand perfection in our zeal to conquer the coronavirus the survivors will not have an economy to return too.

The bottom line is, the public is well informed, they have the option to protect themselves to whatever degree they deem necessary and people are intelligent enough to only enter establishments that they feel have provided adequate protection.

It appears that it’s time for the government to step aside. The cure is fast approaching at time when it’s more detrimental than the disease. It’s time to go to work.

William Dawe



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