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Spotlight: ‘Close to Closure’ — Alexandra Fresquez

Submitted Photo Alexandra Fresquez is originally from Roswell and making a career in pop music.

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Roswell native Alexandra Fresquez rejuvenates pop music genre

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

Originally from Roswell, Alexandra Fresquez’s biography says that her passion has always been singing. As many young people are, she said that she was very shy growing up until she moved to Los Angeles, California, where two of her dreams came true. Being a registered nurse professionally, her friends helped in pushing her into following where her musical talent guided her.

In a phone interview, Fresquez said that she loves being able to help people through her music. At the time of the interview, the former Goddard High School graduate was visiting in Roswell. “I lived here most of my life until college,” she said.

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She said that her guideline is to never let yourself get in the way of your dreams, and your potential. “You’re the only one who has that power.” She said that she loves God, her family and friends and that she is very grateful for them and her supporters, and that she tries to live every second to the fullest.

Some of her inspirations and influences include many, but especially Christina Aguilera, who she said she has loved since she was a little girl. She is also a fan of Billie Eilish and her dream is to work with Mark Ronson.

Two years ago, Fresquez moved back from Los Angeles to Albuquerque. She wanted to be closer to her family. “My mom wasn’t doing too well,” she said. “She ended up passing away. I actually ended up writing a song about her, too, about cancer. I am just glad she is no longer suffering. It is just a terrible thing for anybody to go through and she had a long fight with it.

“She was very supportive. Unfortunately she didn’t get to see any of my shows, because before I moved back, most of them were in L.A.; and when I did move back, she wasn’t doing too well. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to see a show. But I know she is always here with me and in my heart and knows what is going on.”

Her newest song is called “Closer to Closure.” Fresquez wrote in her press release, “This is my sixth single. It has an electro/commercial pop feel. I wrote and recorded this song with an amazing artist DNNY, and producer Andrew Gomez, in Nashville. This song is about a past relationship, that no matter what I did, I could not seem to shake the horrible feeling off. It has bothered me for too long and still continues to, but this year something has changed, and I am finally ‘Closer to Closure.’”

Asked why she chose pop music, Fresquez said, “I don’t know, I always liked pop, especially coming from the ‘90s. It’s one of my favorite genres and I always wanted to work on something that I really enjoy putting out. I also like country, but I haven’t worked on it for some reason. My sister Elizabeth is working on country, which is interesting and exciting.”

Music does run in Fresquez’s family. “Actually, both sides of the family are pretty musical. All of my dad’s family is either in bands or perform in church. They have some of their own music out as well and then my mom sang, as well, in choirs, and my uncles play guitar. It’s kind of a family thing. I think I have pushed it farther,” she said.

Fresquez said about her own music, “I also like theatrical sound, or cinematic sound, I should say. So I always put strings in my songs, orchestral things. I like big-sounding things; I like bass. I get so much inspiration from everybody.”

Portions of proceeds for her upcoming release will be donated; Fresquez is also raising money with her last song “Flame” for cancer research in honor of her mother.

Fresquez’s most recent music has had millions of views on YouTube. It was featured on MTV’s “Ex On The Beach.” In recent interviews, she has been called “A New Mexico Flame,” and her song was mentioned as being “truly an embodiment of the wondrous effects of music.”

Listening to “Closer to Closure,” one can hear influences of her idols, however, her refreshing style might just be what pop music was missing: a new beat, energy and a great message. Fresquez’s voice is unique, yet the tunes are familiar, and her songs invite the listener to dance like nobody’s looking.

“I thought this time would be the perfect time to release the song,” Fresquez said. “I love helping people in any way I can; with music, in relating to some of my songs; or helping them getting through anything they need getting through. Especially during a time like this where we’re all cooped up.”

Fresquez has a message for young artists, “I have a lot of friends in L.A. who unfortunately don’t qualify for any unemployment. My advice would be just to look at this time in a positive way. I know a lot of my friends, like the girl I was just doing a songwriting session with on Zoom; she’s using this time to write more and do more music with artists who have more time on their hands to do things like that, even though we had to do it over Zoom. Just really take advantage of this time if you can. There are a lot of online jobs you can do right now music-wise. Maybe do some live shows on Instagram and just take advantage of it.”

Fresquez is looking forward to continuing to support good causes. “All my merchandise sales, I use that money and donate it to charities,” she said. “I am donating money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. My sister and I were supposed to perform the Walk for Hope in May, but they rescheduled that. I am really excited about that.

There is also a live online charity concert in the works. “I love this idea. We haven’t organized that yet, but I’d love doing something like that,” Fresquez said.

For more information, visit alexandrafresquez.com and follow her on social media.


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