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Letter: China’s coronavirus actions warrant a response


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When are we going to recognize that China is our enemy?

The fact that the Chinese government restricted internal travel in China because of the coronavirus, yet at the same time freely allowed travel from China to the United States and other countries, positively establishes that the virus, originating in Wuhan, is by definition a bio-weapon deliberately released on the rest of the world, with the effects of grave medical consequences and demolished economies.

This is an inevitable conclusion, one that any intellectually honest person must draw, though far-left-wing types (being fond of communism and feeling that China can do no wrong) will of course dispute it, disgracing themselves in the process.

In all likelihood the pathogen originated in the Biosafety Level 4 Lab in Wuhan, and things don’t escape “accidentally” from such a high-security facility. The natural conclusion is that it was released in Wuhan in order that the government there might collect antibodies for developing curative drugs with which to blackmail other subsequently infected countries.

Whether the coronavirus is genetically a spontaneously arising pathogen or a willfully manufactured entity, it was released on the rest of us with the full knowledge of a Chinese government well known for its lack of concern for human life, indeed lack of concern for anything but its own political power.

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At the very least the United States must, in my view, break off diplomatic relations with China, though other, far graver reprisals would be perfectly justified.

Anything we might do in response to this global outrage would be something the rotten Chinese government brought upon itself.

Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.



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