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The conflicting views on addressing the pandemic


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Let me preface this by saying I’m 84 years old and high risk for the virus for more reasons than just my age, so some skin in the game.

Reading letters, comments and editorials in papers, and watching online and other media views about should we shelter, restrict or quarantine, one thing seems certain to me … all of these are correct … and incorrect.

They’re correct because many are suffering from the indirect effects of this COVID19, individuals, businesses, municipalities … the nation and the overall economy, and recovery won’t just turn on with a switch. Homes, businesses and livelihoods are being lost.

But they can all recover. As long as the workers and business owners are alive to do so.

They’re incorrect because, how do we provide relief by allowing more potential for infection?

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To illustrate: Measles, scarlet fever, chickenpox and polio existed when I was a child 80-plus years ago but they never became epidemic or pandemic. Why? Because back then where I lived, if you were diagnosed, a sign was posted on the front of your house by the Health Department notifying all that you were under quarantine. So in you stayed.

These were for the most part childhood diseases so adults were less susceptible, but kids in stores, groceries, schools and theaters running loose with disease? Who knew how or if any of those diseases could mutate and spread to adults?

Best bet? Enforced quarantine and eventual elimination through lack of ability to find a host, or development of a vaccine.

Yes, measles and chickenpox came back many many years later and mutated to adults as well but not as a result of inaction.

Proponents of more governmental restrictions cite the need for saving lives before monetary concerns, those on the other side say leave it to the individual to apply common sense.

You need live, healthy people to do that and to restore the nation to where it was.

Irwin (Sonny) Schaeffer



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