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Letter: Writer takes issue with criticism of councilor


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Letter writer Samuel D. Merriweather wrote at length about a city council member he chose not to name. Mr. Merriweather believes this city councilor’s opinion regarding reopening the city is invalid because the elected official is not an epidemiologist, economist, scientist, psychiatrist or doctor. He also claims the councilor “runs a season [sic] business that uses city resources for his own personal profit.” I would welcome a fact check on this assertion.

The councilor stated the well known truth that suicide and depression may increase during troubled times such as these. No mental health professional is required to corroborate this strong correlation, yet Mr. Merriweather contested this view citing lack of expertise/credentials.

Overcautious COVID-19 government policy is inversely related to a properly functioning economy, but healthy workers are required for a healthy economy which presents quite the logical impasse.

Steven Young


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