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Letter: COVID-19 is not ‘Trump’s Chernobyl’


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It angers me to no end when the news media pundits compare the coronavirus pandemic to the Chernobyl meltdown. At Chernobyl, less than 50 first responders died from acute radiation exposure caused by the hydrogen explosion that resulted from an accidental nuclear reactor operator mistake. Unfortunately, over a million abortions occurred unnecessarily across Eurasia from “pure-fear” of the unknown effects and treatment of radiation exposure during that time period.

The most obvious difference between radiation and a virus is that one is immediately detectable and the other is not. Radiation can be detected with a dosimeter (Geiger Counter) and the danger can be mitigated because it is consistent and predictable. Another obvious difference is that radiation is not contagious and could never cause a pandemic. Therefore, the coronavirus pandemic is not President Trump’s Chernobyl as falsely reported by the news media. It is not even China’s Chernobyl.

Radiation is not transferable because it is not contagious, not in the usual sense that one can “catch” certain diseases by being exposed. There was an unnecessary and very costly 30-kilometer evacuation zone around the Fukushima nuclear power plants that caused 1,600 deaths, but that was Japan’s “error on the side of caution.” There were zero deaths of acute radiation from the Fukushima accident.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for the Wuhan coronavirus, also referred to as the CCP (China Communist Party) Virus, which did spread around the world in less than 180 days and killed tens of thousands of innocent people. Viruses, in general, are very contagious and the many different strains (mutations) of flu viruses have killed tens of thousands every year with or without an annual flu shot.

Nature borne viruses are more like a predator because they seek out their prey and essentially harm all bio-molecular aspects of life. However, COVID-19 may not be natural.

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Radiation, on the other hand, is needed to sustain a normal life, and it is all around us, all the time. In the medical field, radiation is also used for many diagnostic and treatment procedures, including lung diseases like the coronavirus.

Martin Kral



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