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Letter: Maybe it’s time the governor refocus her attention


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From the Wednesday RDR story (Governor gives new … orders) it was reported that one of her new decrees was to provide bonuses (hazard pay) for childcare workers amounting to $700 per week for full-time childcare workers and $350 per week for part-timers. The start and end date of said bonuses was not provided. In addition to the bonuses the state is giving a $12 million grant to licensed childcare providers, which according to the governor have been “unequivocally harmed” by the COVID-19 situation.

At the onset of this crisis orders went out to the working public that they (with the exception of essential workers) were to stay home. Schools were shut down as were all non-essential businesses, which were specified by the governor and her staff.

Now after over eight weeks into this dilemma, if everyone except essential workers are supposed to be home, why are daycare providers “unequivocally harmed?”

Does the category of being a non-essential working parent who is supposed to be home mean they are incapable of caring for their own offspring?

The school system has continued providing noon meals to school age children, thus it is evident “the state” assumes that parents who again are supposed to be in some form of “lockdown” at home are inept in providing proper nourishment to their own children.

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Perhaps it is time for the governor to refocus less of her attention on her vaunted education/indoctrination programs and apply just a mite more time addressing serious problems the state is facing. This will include her recently passed budget which was excessive at the time, and has now become totally unfeasible. Recognize that there is a “private sector” out there that could help alleviate some of this problem and that a big portion of this “private sector” is located outside of the upper western quadrant of the state where it appears 90%* of the COVID-19 virus cases are taking such a high toll. Acknowledge this, along with the popular government notion that one size fits all, and re-examine the guidelines that were set down as to what is considered an essential business. Let some of New Mexico start moving towards a state of normality.

*Figure derived from NM website NMDOH COVID-19 Public Dashboard.

Terry R. Koenig

Lake Arthur


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