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Letter: Governor is auditioning for VP


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In the past two months, every single prediction concerning the COVID-19 has been proven wrong. First it was 2.2 million deaths in the U.S., this from the Imperial College in the UK. Then it was 100,000-250,000. Also wrong. Then it became 35,000 to 60,000. Then it has been found out that states, specifically Pennsylvania, have been padding the numbers to include any death that in any way resembled the coronavirus.

The predictions of overloaded hospitals, ventilator shortages, equipment shortages, all wrong. Didn’t happen. The predictions of mass deaths of otherwise healthy persons didn’t happen either. In fact, just about every victim had serious underlying health issues. Almost 100%.

It seems the only prediction that was correct was mine when I predicted that our petty politicians would never give up their newly acquired power.

Not a single prediction of doom was right but still we work, run our businesses, shop, get medical care, haircuts and go to the gym by our governor’s pleasure. And where are the media on this? Silent or praising this incredible power grab. Where are our local political leaders? Silent or carrying water for the governor. Where is the ACLU? Oh, no way to call this racist, so they’re not interested.

I hope everyone remembers at election time that the people who destroyed your business, bank account, credit rating, etc., didn’t give up a thing. They kept their jobs. State employees stayed on the payroll, all the while shutting off services. Incredible. We got used. But this is what happens when your governor stops governing and starts auditioning for VP.

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Rick Wolfert



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