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Letter: Emulate safe practices, don’t flaunt precautions


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With more people returning to stores as restrictions decrease, customers and managers of businesses need to make an important decision: Practice safety measures or selfishly ignore them and lose valuable customers.

Many of you may have experienced situations such as the one I observed in a drug store recently. Some customers were not practicing safe distancing while they were chatting in a group within three feet of the entrance to the store forcing customers to weave around them to exit the building. No manager or employee made an attempt to break up this group. Very few people were wearing masks. In this risky environment people repeatedly touched the check-out counter that was not cleaned after numerous transactions between the clerk and customer.

At another store the employees were masked, and safe distancing was being practiced. I noticed one woman walking around the store with her mask hanging under her chin. At the counter I expressed my concern to the clerk and asked to speak with the manager. He pointed to the unmasked woman who was approaching us, and said, “She is the manager.”

After asking her why she wasn’t wearing the mask, she replied, “I don’t agree with the governor’s orders.”

Petty, political anger does not attract customers to your store. As an example to her employees, she should be emulating safe practices, not flaunting the precautions.

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Businesses that practice safety are more likely to attract customers than those which allow groups without masks to infect customers and employees alike. This laxness will backfire when we don’t enter your store to spend money for fear of infection. Worse yet, COVID-19 will continue to spread in these businesses months longer because of their lax practices.

I recall signs on businesses stating, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” Managers should get tough and apply this same common-sense approach.

Kim Fitzsimmons


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