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Letter: Mayor cannot “disregard valid emergency health order”


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The (05/14/20) RDR as set forth by Dennis Kintigh that he doesn’t see the mask order as enforceable and the Roswell PD will not be enforcing the order. This COVID-19 order was signed into effect by the governor on 05/15 and as a result pursuant to the emergency public health act became law. I therefore offer this opinion that his actions are far beyond this mayor’s authority.

I agree that Roswell needs to reopen and now, however, it must be safely done, anything less could risk more lives and result in another closure. The governor, as stated in her order, relies on many experts of which this mayor is not. He has violated his oath of office by his failure to support the laws of this state and to faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of his office to the best of his ability. Mr. Kintigh has every right to voice his opinion but cannot choose to unilaterally disregard (a) valid emergency health order. It has been proven that wearing a mask in public can indeed help prevent this disease both from infecting and passing to others. This mayor making these remarks about not enforcing this order gives the immediate impression to the public that they do not have to obey this order, in doing so could be placing Roswell citizens in grave danger by further spread of this virus.

Contained within the governor’s cite of the COVID-19 emergency orders page 2 of 7. The State of New Mexico can use all methods mechanisms for enforcement and use of civil and criminal penalties for violations of public health orders. That would include evoking the Roswell Police Department. You can call 505-476-2200 room 400 or NMSP.COVID19@state.nm.us to express your concerns.

Kevin Roe


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