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Letter: Appreciating the system’s checks and balances


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Rahm Emanuel, former mayor of Chicago, has been quoted, “Don’t let a crisis go to waste.” It seems that U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in her position as Speaker of the House is using the corona-crisis for an opportunity to push her liberal agenda. Buried in the 1,800-plus pages of the Heroes Act are measures to fund abortion, give benefits to illegal immigrants, and to further the agenda of the LGBT community.

Can anyone who would allow such a thing truly have the interest of this nation at heart?

What would we be hearing if a Republican-dominated House put funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border in a bill for pandemic relief? I believe Nancy Pelosi has shown her true colors with this bill.

Fortunately, the Heroes Act is not expected to pass the Senate. Donald Trump has promised to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. Praise God for the checks and balances in our Constitution.

Russell A. Scott

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