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Letter: Governor deserves ‘high marks’ for virus response


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I am concerned. We live in a nation with 4% of the global population yet we have 29% of the deaths and 30% of the COVID 19 infections. This is a highly infectious virus that in the first 6 months is responsible for over 370,000 reported deaths, and is still spreading around the globe.

A study funded in part by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and the Morris-Singer Foundation researchers found if social distancing had gone into effect two weeks earlier nearly 54,000 people would still be alive and nearly a million COVID-19 cases would have been avoided. Several of the nations that did initiate the recommended safeguards suffered far fewer infections per capita, and they were able to open their economies back up with minimal damage to their economy.

Rather than initiating any of the long-established safeguards proven to limit the spread of a virus President Trump spent the first two months calling this pandemic a Democratic hoax designed to interfere with his reelection. His initial inaction, and his current demands to open our economy back up against the advice of virtually all infectious disease experts has been devastating both in human life, and in human suffering. Our economy likely will take years to recover the destruction caused by his failure to effectively lead through this pandemic, and likely will solidify his legacy as a failed president.

We should give Gov. Grisham high marks for her efforts to limit the spread of the infections as well as limit the economic damage. She is simply trying to protect our state from the destruction caused by the incompetent leadership at the federal level.

John Grogan

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