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Letter: Let’s help protect each other from coronavirus


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According to Councilor Best, it is wrong to report a business to authorities when it breaks the law. Whatever happened to “law-and-order” Republicans? It seems like now, the only laws that should be enforced are those the Republicans like (I’m looking at you, Sheriff Herrington!).

It doesn’t matter at all if Councilor Oropesa reported the business in question. If he witnessed a business defying the public health order to wear masks in public, reporting would be the right thing to do. To be honest, I have reported a couple businesses myself, and will continue to do so. The easiest way to report, by the way, is to email covid.enforcement@state.nm.us. Councilor Best has shown us it would be fruitless to call local law enforcement.

As to Ms. Best’s charge that supporting the public health order will kill businesses, I don’t see how that will happen. What will kill local business is if they do not obey the order. I, and many of my friends, will not patronize businesses that do not take health threats seriously. Those people who refuse to wear masks in public will continue to contract and spread disease. A percentage of them will die, leaving fewer customers. Businesses will die because of people not wearing masks and will have supported pain and death along the way.

So, people of Roswell: Wear a face mask in public. Businesses of Roswell: Request that your customers wear face masks. Also, continue washing hands frequently and staying 6 feet away from others. Let’s help each other stay alive until there is a vaccine.

Flo Wells

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