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Letter: There’s more to city’s financial issues than COVID-19


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A large part of this city is the quality of life venues we have always enjoyed as Barbara Walsh stated in her great letter to the editor. However, I offer this opinion as the real reasons for Jeanine Best’s sad commentary of the conditions of the city. As she did in purporting to get property owners to pick up the bill for the great command center which failed miserably. Now she wants the citizens to pay for this city’s lack of financial responsibility.

The debt load accumulated by his administration is astronomical. Note the only consistent councilor who stands against the continual spending has been Juan Oropesa.

The councilwoman would have us believe that just the last couple of months is going to cost the city $33 million dollars based on her and the city manager’s guess, as a result of the COVID-19. We all know the federal government has made provisions for the city and state government for losses directly from COVID-19. Unfortunately for Roswell nothing will be given for bad management. …

So now let’s put the burden back on the taxpayers. …

I would suggest for clarity and transparency, we ask for the exact amount of the outstanding debt for bonds, loans and other debts and costs each month in payments. I would suggest we will find that it outweighs the annual losses for the items stated in (the) article.

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Why should the citizens of Roswell suffer for the acts of those that waste assets? Councilor Best suggests close them and re-evaluate, this means let them rot, we can keep deferring maintenance until buildings have to be destroyed, as has been a frequent occurrence. My opinion would be to re-evaluate at the next city election.

Kevin Roe