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Robert J. Sigala


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Robert J. Sigala
10/29/1974 — 05/28/2020

Robert J. Sigala passed away on May 28, 2020. He was born in Roswell, NM on October 29, 1974 to Rumaldo and Tillie Sigala. Both have preceded him in death. He is also preceded in death by his sister Mary Sigala and by his nephew Joshua Sigala. Robert married the love of his life Maria Sigala on January 16, 2004.

Robert had a big heart and was a very loving, caring and giving person. If anyone needed a helping hand, Robert did not hesitate to help. He was a die hard Dallas Cowboy fan and loved to listen to hard rock music. He would always jam out with his beats, tuning out the world, at times even his wife. He was a dog lover and loved his buddy “Mike”, a winnie dog which he lost in 2017 but then got another winnie dog, his other close buddy, “Arnold”. He had a fun sense of humor always joking around.

His sister, Mary Sigala who precedes him in death, helped raise him and spoiled him rotten just as a mother would. Robert was Mary’s baby and he loved her very very much. After the loss of his own mother, Mary then took the role as a mother to Robert and took him under her wing.

Robert has many nephews and nieces who he loved with all his heart. A nephew that stood out to him more like a brother was Andrew Sigala. That was Roberts “go to man”, his best friend who he confided in and was extremely close to. Robert loved cracking jokes with Gabe and Ernie Estrada. They both always made Robert laugh. A brother that was more like a dad to him was Albert Sigala. Robert looked up to Albert alot for advice, for comfort, for laughs or just to chill with. Albert was his favorite “chill spot”.

Robert had many nieces as well and loved them all dearly. He would refer to all of his nieces and call each one of them his “Princess”, but his #1 princess was his granddaughter Victoria Rae Sigala. He loved being a grandpa and his favorite thing to tell her as soon as she walked through the door was “grampa’s here”. We will always remember Robert as a strong fighter who never gave up.

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Robert is survived by his wife Maria Sigala, his son Xavier Ray Sigala and his granddaughter, Victoria Rae Sigala. He is also survived by his 14 brothers and sisters; Albert and Liz Sigala, Alex and Debbie Sigala, Rumaldo and SueAnn Sigala, Andrew and Shirley Sigala, Daniel Sigala, Shepie Sigala, Gilbert Sigala, Fermin Sigala, Emily and Doug Mayes, Bernice and Albert Valenzuela, Rosella and Chris McAlpine, Josie and Greg Cortez, Andrea and Anthony Conti, Tina and David Garcia.

On behalf of his wife Maria, this is her song dedication to her beloved husband, her life long partner, the love of her life, “HER ROCK”…

“Tangled Up In You”

by Stained

Your my world

The shelter from the rain

Your the pills

That take away my pain

Your the light

That helps me

find my way

Your the words

When I have nothing

to say

And in this world

Where nothing else is true

Here I am

Still tangled up in you

Your the fire

That warms me

when I’m cold

Your the hand

I have to hold

As I grow old

Your the shore

When I am lost as sea

Your the only thing

That I like about me

And in this world

Where nothing else is true

Here I am

Still tangled up in you

How long has it been

Since this story line began

And I hope it never ends

And goes on

like this forever

And in this world

Where nothing else is true

Here I am

Still tangled up in you


I love you so much Robert, there isn’t anything that I would have not done for you. I would have taken your place in a heartbeat to give you a chance. The best years of my life were with you, and my love for you will never die. I will carry you in my heart and memory forever until we meet again. It’s ok, you can rest now.

All are welcome to a Memorial Service which will be held on Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 3pm to 7pm at 227 Tumbleweed Rd, Dexter, NM 88230. Please RSVP Andrew Sigala at (575) 420-5818, no later than Thursday, June 4, 2020. Please be advised that we still need to practice safety measures because of COVID-19.