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Letter: Examine the facts, ‘allow the justice system to work’


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The unrest over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis should cause us to look very carefully at some of our own attitudes.

First, I was not on the scene of the event, so I do not really know what happened. I only read what is on the news. We must be careful, however, not to jump to conclusions. Do not prejudge. Even if the policeman were clearly in the wrong, we must not judge all white policemen, or even all policemen, by the actions of a few. Speaking of prejudice, we must ask, “What would be the reaction in this country if a black policeman had killed a suspect by using excessive force?”

We must not tolerate rioting and looting. How could the alleged wrongful death of someone in one city justify rioting, looting and perhaps killing in another city or even the same city? Rioters might cause property damage, injury or death to someone of their own race, not that it would be less of an offense than if the victims were of different race than the rioters.

We also must look at another problem we will all face sooner or later. People in leadership positions must be able to lead with confidence. Unfortunately, there is a thin line between leading with confidence and being arrogant. I know about this situation because I have had problems at both ends of the scale. When we are in leadership positions as parents, teachers or supervisors, we must not forget what it is like to be a subordinate, and we must not exalt ourselves. We are all accountable to God.

I ask us all to refrain from prejudice and violence. Prejudice comes in all colors and genders. Examine the facts carefully, keep calm and allow the justice system to work.

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Russell A. Scott


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