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Letter: City-sponsored trash recycling is essential


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My wife and I moved to Roswell in 2001 from the Littleton, Colorado, area. Both of us, until my wife’s untimely passing last year, have enjoyed the atmosphere, friendliness, and amenities of the Roswell area.

Unfortunately, over the years, things have changed rather drastically, not the least of which are the amenities offered by our current administration. And yes, I’m speaking about our mayor, Kintigh, and our city manager Joe Neeb.

When my wife and I moved here, we were delighted that Roswell and company (shall we say) supported a real effort to recycle household products. I could name those products, but we all know what they are. But fast forward to the COVID-19 days of self-retrospect, and our city leaders have found themselves in the same, exact boat we’re all in — limited funds.

Obviously, this situation makes all of us draw our belts tight, but there are a few things all of us just can’t do without. Toilet paper and paper towels are prime examples. But our illustrious leaders have taken the stance to do away with recycling as we know it.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. They’ve “replaced” the function, or so they say, with a private company who reportedly will “adequately” replace the current system. Really? Well, if it is anything like the “recycle services” we had in Littleton, God help us all. …

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Roswell has always, at least as long as I (we) have lived here, provided water, sewer services and trash pickup and recycling. Now, we’ll be relying on private companies to comply with local regulations. Do you want to bet on how long that happens? I, for one, am not.

Just like toilet paper and paper towels, there are a few things you just can’t do without. And city-sponsored trash recycling is one of them.

Alan Applegate