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Letter: Differing perceptions of ‘incomplete reportage’


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Letter writer Ricardo Valenzuela was more than miffed by RDR headline, “No Arrests at Monday Black Lives Matter protest.” He characterized the headline as inflammatory and inaccurate.

Since no arrests were made at the protest, the headline is 100% accurate as far as Merriam Webster is concerned.

Also, not sure why Ricardo is inflamed. Would he prefer the mayor’s handshake and certificates of civility issued to each of the docile protesters for their heroic passivity?

I do get Ricardo’s frustration with what he perceives as incomplete reportage. I feel the same way every time I see the headline or newscast with the phrase “officer-involved shooting.” It certainly appears there is a growing percentage of Americans who believes there is no such thing as a justified discharge of a weapon by a law enforcement officer.

Steven Young

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