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Newspapers serve many important functions


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By Barbara Beck, Publisher of the Roswell Daily Record

Our newspaper aims to provide local stories on local issues that are important in Roswell.

No doubt you have seen our house ads about the importance of newspapers. I believe newspapers are still important because they provide a great deal of local information for minimal expense. We encourage our local community to think about what is happening in Roswell, to get out and vote, to get involved with local events and issues and to understand and appreciate the history of Roswell and its surrounding community.

Local newspapers make sense of many local issues on a day-to-day basis, hiring reporters who interview, ask questions and find out what is happening around your town and county. The newspaper tells you what is happening here, whereas Google and Facebook don’t hire qualified local journalists to provide you with the information that our local newspaper does, making sense of local issues on a local level. They aim at a local slant with an eye to their advertising dollars. How does that help our community? It certainly helps Google and Facebook grow even bigger.

Do newspapers keep democracy alive and well? I think so. Feature interviews let you know about people, places and things happening around town that are current. They interview candidates so you can make an informed voting choice. Our newspaper strives to give information on day-to-day local happenings from different perspectives. And we listen to our readers.

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Believe it or not, syndicated comics cost a great deal of money for a newspaper to buy. But we know readers enjoy them so we provide them on a daily basis.

Syndicated columnists also cost quite a lot to print, but provide different views on national and state issues. The Roswell Daily Record has been handed out free to schools all over Roswell for many years. Yes, we have some fantastic sponsors, but the Roswell Daily Record covers the Newspapers in Education program without asking for any money at all from any qualified school.

Anyone can call the newspaper and share a local event, which we will try and run. We also run regular notices for pets and students that don’t cost anything because we appreciate students and we support our local community shelter. For less than the cost of a coffee, you can buy our newspaper and support a tradition that goes back to the late 1800s in Roswell.

We need your support now more than ever and it is appreciated very much.


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