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Letter: Mob is embracing ‘lowest form of group barbarism’


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We have all watched the frenzied zeal to reform, cut costs or even eliminate our police departments or replace them with social workers, a penchant to demonize police at every turn. We know there are about 700,000 law enforcement officers in the country and amongst them are some incompetent, insufficiently trained or just bad officers and it has on occasion resulted in tragic deaths, yet the overwhelming class of officers provide us with security, assistance and sometimes save our lives.

If I may, let me make a simple analogy, let’s make a comparison with the field of medicine. There are over a million medical doctors in the country and amongst them are some poorly trained or just incompetent doctors that have even caused death, but we know that the overwhelming majority provide cures, relieve pain and save lives. Should we reduce the number of doctors, reduce the number of hospitals or replace doctors with psychiatrists? It makes about as much sense to go to a psychiatrist for a broken arm as it does to replace police officers with social workers.

We don’t want a social worker telling us why a perpetrator robbed us anymore than we want a psychiatrist to tell how to deal with the pain of my broken arm.

We live in a society today that jumps to impassioned reflex over reaction and attributes all kinds of erroneous conclusions without the most basic realization of what is being proposed. It’s much like the bad logic that would say I am holding an apple, the apple is red, therefore all apples are red. As citizens, we need to stop and think, to think logically and not be led by an anarchist mob bent on destroying our society.

It is truly sad, and an indictment of society and our education system, when you see so many so-called educated people buying into, and accepting, tyranny as justice.

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What we are seeing is the classic mob, the mob that doesn’t reflect individual common sense, but embraces the lowest form of group barbarism.

William Dawe