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Letter: NM’s chance to make ‘another good decision’ on nuclear


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From the moment we get up in the morning and start our day off with a hot cup of coffee, we have started a reaction to the thousands of cancer-causing agents we come into contact on a daily bases. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the United States, after heart disease. All cancers are a result of damage or genetic mutations in our DNA.

But the many reasons individual cancer cases pop up in people are complex. Some are genetic and passed down from one generation to the next, and others are a result of things in our environment that we inhale, eat or use.

Some cases of cancer are out of our control, determined by genetic defects and predispositions passed down from one generation to the next or spurred by genetic changes we undergo through our lifetimes. But we also know that breathing in certain substances, eating specific things, and even using some kinds of plastics ups the risk of developing some deadly cancers.

One risk that is not even remotely probable is acute radiation cancer-causing poisons from nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel storage and transportation. Why? The answer to that is quite simple. Anything that references the word nuclear is well respected and universally accepted to control and manage the safety of our health and the environment. Every country has regulatory agencies to oversee the development and use of radioactive devices, whether it is for research, medical, electrical power, and many other commercial uses. The risk of cancer-causing radiation is extremely low, almost near zero, and no deaths in today’s modern society.

And yet, the State of New Mexico’s government seems to still be hanging on to the 80-year-old legacy of the Manhattan Project from the 1940s instead of the miraculous benefits that Madame (Marie) Curie achieved in the 40 years prior, with low-dose radiation as a medical miracle, saving millions of lives that would have died otherwise.

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Here the state is again, deciding whether to move forward with the HI-STORE CISF project or not.

The state has made so many bad financial decisions in the past few years, it would be great if they finally made another good decision as they did with WIPP and URENCO.

Martin Kral



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