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Letter: Distractions are disrupting needed focus on virus


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Who in the general public has taken the time to seriously study the effects of viruses on our health? Most people get their understanding of the “effect” from sound bite news and social media. We are being bombarded with data that we have no way of making sense of it. We have become dependent on media pundits.

The media is building false hope that the answer to COVID-19 is a vaccine being developed by the end of the year. Vaccines are not the cure-all answer. Vaccines are only a treatment. Many viruses mutate continuously, so vaccines have to be developed continuously also. The best protection against diseases caused by viruses is immunization (antibodies).

When there is no immunization or vaccine developed, we have to practice safety procedures such as washing our hands more often, wearing a face mask around others, and keeping a safe distance to avoid contact with positive virus cases. Unfortunately, these practices are not being done by everyone, so these virus predators will prey on anything that has a living cell — primarily us. A compromised immune system will not fight them off.

There would be no pandemic if basic science practices had been adhered to in China. Remember Ebola in Africa and Zika in Brazil? Both were isolated and controlled locally so there was no worldwide pandemic. Brazil even held the Olympics during that time. No one took their eye off the ball in either of those scenarios, which are still active in those regions.

I wish I could say the same about the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. After six months of 24-hour coverage, several political distractions have replaced the medical focus needed. My fear is those distractions will continue to escalate and the silent virus killer will counterattack all the progress that has been made. An open economy (and schools) is the best solution to “manage” the pandemic.

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Martin Kral