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Letter: Politicians ‘know no bounds’ with taxpayers’ money


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Money, money, money … Seems like some got it, some don’t. However, when you get to any level of the bureaucracy … They got it! Oh, they whine and carry on, but when push comes to shove, they got it.

There may not be adequate funding for a museum, golf course, library or whatever else seems to strike their fancy, but when it come to expanding their own nest, presto.

There is a topic to get some serious consideration. The city council should consider hiring a lobbyist.

Good grief! After all the taxpayers have heard about the dire financial situation of the city, doesn’t it surprise the city residents that such a topic would even be brought up at this time?

At the state level we have the same mentality … Need $400 million for small-business loans, presto, here it is! The loans are to be backed up by the state’s tax severance nest egg. If this reckless boondoggle is allowed to happen one has to question who will get these loans, and then most importantly, how much effort will be put forth in collecting what is loaned out?

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With the financial reversals the state has seen in the last several months you would think our elected leaders would have developed some sense of fiscal restraint. This simply hasn’t happened. When it comes to taxpayer monies far too many politician know no bounds when it comes to expanding their base, or power.

This trend must come to an end … vote the rascals out!

Terry Koenig

Lake Arthur