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Letter: Significant failures of leadership, character


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In the 2016 presidential election voters faced what many of them considered to be a lousy choice — Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. Everyone knew of Trump’s history of fraudulent charities, fraudulent schools, disrespect of women, etc. On the flip side eight more years of the Clintons was just too much. Many undecided voters hoped that Trump would grow into the job and moderate his behavior. They took a chance and voted for Trump. For that 2016 vote they get a pass. But not this time, not in 2020.

Trump has proven the wisdom of the adage that the presidency doesn’t build character, it reveals character. He has grown more unhinged, not more presidential. And he has shown that under pressure he chokes badly. Take the following significant failures of his leadership and character during the COVID-19 epidemic: In January of 2020 Trump’s own national security advisors warned him that the COVID-19 virus was deadly, easily spread and a serious national threat. As late as Feb. 28 Trump was downplaying the severity of the coronavirus and calling criticism of his administration’s response to the epidemic the Democratic Party’s “new hoax.” As a direct result of Trump’s dithering and denial of the severity of the virus, tens of thousands of Americans lost their lives.

But that was only the beginning of Trump’s complete lack of leadership. In a conference call with governors on March 16 Trump made it clear that in this national emergency they were on their own when it came to acquiring personal protective equipment such as N95 masks. This from the President of the United States, a country that under real leadership in 1944 turned out 200 combat aircraft every day.

A month later Trump announced that the states had all the tests they needed to begin reopening their economies. The governors from both parties cried foul. Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland, a Republican, forcefully responded that Trump’s assertion that the states have plenty of testing was “just absolutely false.” Other governors agreed. Trump of course attacked all of them, particularly Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who he referred to as “the woman in Michigan.”

Now Trump is trying to slow down testing altogether. Enough already. If you were undecided in 2016 and voted for Trump, it’s time to ask yourself in 2020, “Can’t we do better than this guy?”

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Bob Carroll