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Letter: Pre-pandemic economic record can’t be denied


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In response to Mr. Bob Carroll’s letter printed in the edition (July 14, 2020) I feel compelled to make a few comments. He gives voters “a pass” for electing a man with no political experience. The man elected brought the economy back, gave record low unemployment, incredible stock market numbers and prosperity the United States hasn’t seen in 16 years.

Then the Wuhan corona virus hit. Travel was curtailed, and businesses were shut down which meant job losses and in many cases bankruptcy. The positive economic record pre COVID-19 could not be denied and the left leaning entrenched government knew their power was threatened by the outsider elected in 2016. I hope they are not willing to do anything — anything — to unseat him. In 2020 the choice is plain. Vote for someone who has been in government since the early 1970s or someone who has proven he can make positive changes.

Margaret R. Barbour



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