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Letter: Those protesting should help prevent COVID-19 spread


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There was a protest held in Roswell, demanding that indoor dining at restaurants be allowed. Good for them. Making your demands public is the American way. The picture the Roswell Daily Record ran with the story tells us why the restaurants are closed again. There is not a face mask in sight. When citizens will not take the most basic precautions to prevent the spread of this extremely contagious disease, their fellow citizens will sicken and die. Apparently they don’t care. Having their dinner served to them is more important than the lives of others.

Restaurant dining makes all of the basic precautions difficult, if not impossible. Even spaced 6 feet apart, diners will be sharing recirculated air. You can’t eat with a face mask on. Lots of people in an enclosed space increases ambient noise, making people raise their voices, increasing the distance droplets spread. Research shows that the chances of contracting COVID-19 by eating prepared food is zero or close to it. That is why restaurants can safely provide food for pickup or delivery. Dining inside is much riskier. If you are concerned about restaurants going out of business, please continue to order meals for pickup and delivery.

If you really want restaurants to reopen for inside dining, follow the rules for preventing disease spread. Distancing, hand washing and face covering, practiced by all citizens, will slow the spread of the virus so we can get back to eating in restaurants. Ignore these procedures and more businesses will be forced to close. Your choice.

Flo Wells


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