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Letter: Mayor, city council not offering ideas of their own


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At the outset, know that I am no fan of our governor. I’m a Republican. I did not vote for her and would not vote for her if she runs again. With that out of the way, I believe she is doing her best in trying to keep a lid on the expansion of the COVID-19 virus. Although I don’t agree with many of her “restrictions” I firmly believe she is correct in her emphasis on wearing a mask in public and maintaining physical distancing.

I was appalled at the headline in Friday’s Roswell Daily Record, “Council to city manager: no enforcement of governor’s order.” Reading the full article caused more distress. Evidently a majority of our city council has its collective “head in the sand” about the spiraling increase in number of cases in this county. In fact one councilman was quoted as saying, “… the emergency part [of the crisis] has passed …”

What on earth goes on in his mind and the other councilors’ minds when they read in Saturday’s paper that there were 18 new cases in the county, which (brought) the count to 66 positives in the past week alone for a total count of 252 cases since the counting began. Sixty-six in one week! That’s 26% of the total cases in just one week.

And he says “no emergency.” What does he and the other do-nothing councilors think is happening?

The idea that wearing a mask infringes on one’s freedom is dangerous. At first no one knew that the virus could spread from someone not showing symptoms. Now we know that can happen, so just because one feels well is no excuse for not wearing a mask.

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Wearing a mask is not for your protection — it’s for mine. And your not wearing a mask says to me that you are just a selfish so-and-so. A fine of $100 sounds harsh, but if that’s the only way to get people involved in stemming this virus — so be it.

So far, I’ve not heard any encouragement or suggestions from the mayor or city council as to how we should deal with this pandemic. Apparently they don’t like what others are offering but have no ideas of their own.

They seem to be totally unaware of what’s going on. Sad, sad, sad …

Bob Lynd