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Letter: ‘Old-school’ behaviors are ‘current in all times’


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The article by Rick Kraft is correct in that the “old-schoolers” shine because of the way they handle life and relationships. The most time-tested set of behaviors was handed down to us from the earliest Judeo-Christian roots. When we discuss Judeo-Christian heritage, the earliest books to which we refer are dated beginning about 2,000 before Christ, and Moses received the tablets containing the Law in 1446 B.C.

“Old-schoolers” merely maintain and hand down the precepts given us by those books. The time-honored values, judgments, and practices are derived from the fundamentals given back then — starting about 4,000 years ago.

The politeness, chivalry, honesty, integrity, and charity continue because they are the best practices for human relationships. These practices have worked in the past, and they are valuable today, even though technology has given us modern tools to communicate and for recreation. The elder generation didn’t invent the practices, but they have used them and found them successful. In fact, the so-called “old-school” patterns of behavior are current in all times and recognized as valuable by all nations and ethnicities. For instance, torturing babies has always been wrong, and human/family values are a constant in civilization from even before the earliest Jewish scriptures.

The temptation to throw out the “olde” patterns of life has been prevalent in all younger generations. After the young have experienced life for four, five or six decades, they realize the “olde” way is not really outdated. We do a disservice to our youth if we agree the old ways should be discarded, for they have been proven to be better than self-edifying and hedonistic ways.

Dick Bartlett

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