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Letter: Will we only enforce the laws we like?


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Roswell Republicans can never again claim to be in favor of law and order.

Voting to direct the city manager to refuse to enforce public health mandates shows their contempt for any law that doesn’t suit them and thereby for the law itself.

Councilor Roebuck criticized the governor for not taking health mandates to the people for approval. I would like to point out that she did, in 2018. She was duly elected to lead this state for four years. Public health emergencies require executive decisions and she has made those decisions. He may not like that, but it is the law. Is he questioning our election?

Councilor Best said it is just a misdemeanor, so not worth the effort to enforce. Will we stop enforcing traffic infractions, littering laws and other misdemeanors? No, just the ones these councilors don’t like.

Mayor Kintigh supports refusing to uphold the law. He claims he wants to “wait for clarity” and “stand on the sidelines” before enforcing a lawful mandate. I have never seen him wait to enforce other laws.

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We have four city councilors who understand how government works. Whether or not they like the mandates, Councilors Oropesa, Moore, Stubbs and Peterson understand that laws must be enforced, even when they are unpopular. Our other councilors need a civics lesson.

What you do, in the United States, when you don’t like a law, is work to change it. You obey it while it is in force, because this is a country based on the rule of law.

Also in our form of government, there are levels of law. State law takes precedence over municipal law, as federal does over state. That’s how it works in these United States. Does that clarify it for all those who are waiting on the sidelines?

This order puts our sworn police officers in an untenable position. They swear to uphold the law, all the laws, not just laws that are popular locally.

It is time for the citizens of Roswell to remove these lawless officials who have such a weak understanding of American government. At the very next opportunity we must elect replacements who know how government works and who understand that laws must be obeyed.

Flo Wells


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