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Letter: Council should do something ‘helpful or constructive’


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Today’s (Aug. 6) paper posted the schedule for the city council to vote on a resolution about home businesses and the vehicles parked there. I don’t run a business out of my home, but those that do are having a rough enough time without the city imposing more restrictions and costs on them.

Especially during this time of unrest, it seems like the city council could do something more helpful or constructive for the businesses here. Instead, they want to kick them while they are down.

Everyone knows our taxes are going to skyrocket because of the governor’s reaction to the pandemic. So the city council wants to get the first bite of the apple. I’m sure the property owners around these home businesses want their property values protected, but when the houses next door get foreclosed on because the business next door went under they will have vacant houses that attract homeless vagrants to squat there.

Don Determan

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