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Spotlight: Elizabeth Fresquez

Submitted Photo Country singer Elizabeth Fresquez grew up in Roswell and is releasing her first single Aug. 29.

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Goddard graduate releases first single

Elizabeth Fresquez song, ‘Ninety-Nine,’ promising start of music career

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

Elizabeth Fresquez has music in her blood. However, instead of following a career in music, as her twin Alexandra Fresquez did — featured earlier in April in the Vision section — Elizabeth Fresquez went on to become a nurse.

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Ahead of the telephone interview, she shared a preview of her first song, “Ninety-Nine.”

Fresquez said that her favorite genre is country and listening to her song, the theme and style is a great example of modern country with a lively rock beat to it that makes one want to get up and dance or head out on the highway. The release to the public will be Aug. 29.

Asked why she chose country as genre, Fresquez said, “Me and my sister, we are twins, but we are very different in personality. She’s more carefree and just does whatever she wants, which is awesome. I wished I could be more spontaneous like her. I’ve always been a little more reserved. I’ve always liked country music because it provides me with peace and happiness. I feel country tells a story a lot of times and just makes me feel better in general, like when I am having a bad day it is a happy genre for me, even the sad songs.

“I was born here in Roswell, my dad currently still lives here. My whole family has been pretty musical. My mom sings and my dad also. Right now, he is playing guitar, he picked it up over Corona,” Fresquez said and chuckled.

“It is fun. We (both sisters) went to Goddard and pretty much throughout our school we were involved in choir, ballet; we learned piano, violin, I tried flute out too. I’ve grown up around music. I’ve also been looking into learning guitar like my dad,” Fresquez said.

Today, Fresquez works as a nurse at the University of New Mexico. “I work in a pre-anesthesia clinic, so it’s been great, especially for my music career because I work four 10-hour shifts during the week, no weekends, no holidays. It’s a great time to work on music because I have more time,” she said.

It is a tough time for musicians during the pandemic. Concerts had to be canceled, even small gigs in bars or restaurants are impossible. “I have currently set one virtual concert. It will be live on my Instagram on Aug. 17. I know we had set up some shows with the band, me and my sister are helping with a band that was set up to perform in a couple of bars — these bars unfortunately shut down, so that’s on hold. Right now, we are just working with virtual concerts,” Fresquez said.

Fresquez has many goals for the future. “This is my first official release, since my sister has been making music,” she said. “I always liked country a little bit better, so I told her I would take that route. I’ve talked about moving in the future just to live somewhere where there is more of a music scene. I really like Texas and I do like Nashville.”

In the past, the Fresquez sisters have performed together. One event in Roswell is close to their heart. “We did the Walk for Hope last year, unfortunately that was canceled this year. But I think they may be doing something else in October,” Fresquez said.

The family had lost their mother in 2018 to cancer. “I am glad me and my sister moved back just to be with the family. We do miss her a lot, so Walk for Hope is very dear to our heart,” she said.

The song “Ninety-Nine,” is her first official release, but there are more to come. “I finished one more song that will be released in October and a third song that is not finished yet,” Fresquez said.

Asked what Fresquez hopes for future fans when they listen to her songs, she said, “For my music, I hope it brings people happiness right now and I am hoping in the future, me and my sister could do something together. I think that would be a lot of fun.”

For more information, follow Fresquez on Instagram @efresquez_. Her songs will be released simultaneously on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.