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Letter: Most are afraid to criticize Black Lives Matter group


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As we watch the current turmoil in our society today, one has to be amazed at the stunning lack of any analysis of the root cause of the so-called protests. A simple analysis reveals the two primary drivers, ANTIFA, and Black Lives Matter. ANTIFA has been around for over a hundred years promoting the violent overthrow of capitalist governments. The second more insidious is Black Lives Matter, using the psychologically appealing catchphrase to draw the unsuspecting masses into their movement, while their true goal, as found in their public statements, is the Marxist replacement of our government. …

Their cause needs a “cause celebre,” a cause that draws a great deal of attention. The murder of George Floyd was the perfect catalyst to put their agenda into motion. Arrest and incarceration of the perpetrator would dilute their momentum, so they moved to demonizing all law enforcement. They then moved into tearing down all symbols of government and history such as police stations, memorials, statues and churches. The politicians, the media and the intellectually challenged are paranoid about exposing BLM as they will immediately be called racist so they agree with the lunacy and acquiesce out of fear … inoculating their selves against any logical or intuitive thinking.

There are few people that have challenged BLM other than a few highly respected, conservative black leaders, who have exposed it as a sham. They are excluded however from our biased TV networks. Another outspoken leader, Leo Terrell, a black civil rights leader and Democrat, is the most courageous opponent of BLM, identifying them as a sham organization when it comes to representing black civil rights.

Today anyone with an iota of perception can see that BLM is not at all interested in the hundreds of shootings and killings of black people in our major cities. The problems of inter-city blacks are obviously not part of BLM’s concern. The use of the title Black Lives Matter is a psychological masterpiece of mental manipulation. Black lives obviously do matter so how can you criticize the corrupt organization without being called a racist.

William Dawe

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