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Letter: US needs more freedom to produce energy, not less


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In the last 15 years America has become the world’s leading energy producer thanks to energy freedom, allowing all sources of energy to compete and innovate. To make even more progress we need more energy freedom, not mandates of renewables or bans of fossil fuels and nuclear.

America’s future depends on America’s energy industry. Energy is the industry that powers every other industry. The lower cost and more reliable our energy is, the more competitive every American company is and the lower the cost of living is for every American.

America can only remain an energy leader if we continue producing fossil fuels, the world’s largest and fastest-growing source of energy. Fossil fuels are by far the lowest cost source of energy for billions of people. Unreliable solar and wind can’t come close.

Contrary to the myth that CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are causing a climate crisis, the climate death rate is actually lower than ever thanks to human adaptation. Rising CO2 levels will continue to cause manageable warming as well as significant global greening, not a crisis.

The only way to lower CO2 emissions and benefit America is to promote innovation that makes low-carbon energy truly reliable and low-cost. Are China and India going to stop using fossil fuels so long as they are the lowest-cost option? They won’t and they shouldn’t.

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America can lower emissions and energy costs by decriminalizing nuclear energy. Nuclear is actually the safest source of energy and the only way to provide reliable non-carbon electricity anywhere in the world. Yet politicians are over-regulating it to death.

If America tries to rapidly eliminate fossil fuel use through a Biden Climate Plan or a Lujan-Grisham New Mexico ETA (Energy Transition Act) law, we will not prevent a climate crisis, but we will cause a crisis by making energy completely unreliable and unaffordable for American industry and American consumers.

America needs more energy freedom across the board, including in nuclear energy, fracking, development of federal lands, development offshore, pipelines, and export terminals, all of which can be done safely and responsibly. Vote very carefully in 2020. (Source: Alex Epstein, Energy Talking Points).

Martin Kral