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Letter: ‘As if the pandemic were not unhappiness enough …’


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We live out in the county where mailboxes are on posts by the side of the road. On the night of July 30-31, some idiot ran over and totally destroyed our mailbox (and that of our next-door neighbor) which took some doing, as our box was on a hundred-pound solid iron post embedded in the ground in two feet of cement. From the layout there is no question, it was deliberate, and it has caused us untold difficulty and inconvenience, as if the pandemic were not unhappiness enough. We will not replace the post and box, since we know, given the stupidity factor around here, the same thing would just happen again. Post office folks tell us this goes on a lot.

It sets one to thinking, in fact, about the sort of people (I use the term loosely) who would do this kind of stuff. It’s a safe bet the cretin who did this has never worked an honest hour and never will, and doesn’t have the faintest awareness of what it is to be a responsible human being. Likely it was a whole carload or truckload of morons, laughing like the hyenas they are. One can only hope they ruined their vehicle and (though this is probably hoping for too much) broke a few bones in the process.

Frankly such parasites are just breathing air that properly belongs to responsible and productive people.

Donald R. Burleson

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