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Letter: Tote bags could come in handy for schools


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MainStreet Roswell was contacted by a local elementary school teacher who was in search of reusable handle tote bags for sending school work bundles home to students. Since MainStreet had given away their stockpile of bags earlier this summer at the “Virtual UFO Festival” they turned to their community partners.

The school needed the bags fast so there was no time to order any, but Foxworth Galbraith, Pioneer Bank and Xcel Energy were kind enough to give what they had on hand. Fifty bags were collected and MainStreet Roswell would like to thank them for helping in a pinch.

MainStreet Roswell Farmers’ and Growers’ Market will be furnishing additional bags to this elementary school, but if any other businesses have handle or drawstring totes they typically give away as swag, they may want to contact Roswell’s elementary schools to see if they are in need of extra tote bags. Distance learning means sending work home often. The tote bags sure come in handy!

Kathy Lay
Executive Director, MainStreet Roswell