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Letter: Concern for social equality has been usurped


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Do you remember where you were 19 years ago on 9/11? On that day the United States was attacked. It was an act of war. The enemy could not be bombed, though. We were at war and could not point to any nation that was responsible other than Saudi Arabia whose 19 citizens were the perpetrators of that attack. Incredibly, Saudi Arabia remains an ally today!

Today we are under attack again, but this time the attackers are from within our nation. They are attacking our cities, tearing down historic monuments, looting, destroying businesses, and killing people. Again, there is no one to bomb. Of course, we look for relief from the police force, but they are under attack, too. This is an attempt to overthrow this entire nation and bring about a new social order/communism.

Most people are unable to recognize what’s happening, too uninformed to be concerned. The general impression in the population is that social unrest is occurring because of the treatment of black people. The Black Lives Matter organization has usurped the concern for and of black people for social equality, and is using them for support of their Marxist/Communist agenda.

Dick Bartlett

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