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Letter: Traditional means of voting are tried and true


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Wait a minute! Explain to me: WHY people think that they can use mail-in voting to represent a true and accurate vote for the national presidential election. Why would you want to trust a broken down, outmoded system to get your ballot to the right place in a timely manner?

When is the last time you wrote a long letter to a person of importance to you? When is the last time you ordered something from a catalog? Filled out an order form, put it in an envelope, put your return address, put a stamp on it and mailed it? Frankly, I can’t remember the last time I did either.

Are they going to wait so long for you to get your ballot, and if that doesn’t happen in their chosen timeframe will they hire people to go out and canvas the neighborhoods (like the census)?

Look at how long the census process takes to be completed. Can we expect the same from our election?

Think about it. Is this what you want? Is it so hard to go out to your voting place and do it in person?

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I think we should stick with the system we have, it has worked for a long time.

Patti Rogers

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