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Letter: Generations deprived of history, flag, Constitution


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As we watched the commemoration of all those who lost their lives on 9/11 one cannot help but reflect on all the firemen, police and everyday citizens, who without regard for their own safety, banded together to rescue their fellow Americans. There was no differentiation of black, white or Asian in the rescuers or those being rescued, they were all Americans, bound together in our common ethic, heritage and flag. This was the same ethic, unity and patriotism of the greatest generation in World War II. Now, in less than 20 years, we have a new generation seemingly bent on dividing and tearing down.

Where have we gone wrong? It’s not that difficult to discern. It begins with an abject failure (or possibly intentional manipulation) of our educational system. The last two generations have been deprived of our history, our greatness, our flag and our Constitution. Instead they have been indoctrinated into the false narratives of tribalization, victim mentality, systemic racism and white guilt.

What is at the root of this teaching? If one were to make even a cursory review of history there would be the revelation that these are the same tools that international communism used in the twenties and thirties to entice the world into the belief that socialism/communism was the utopia of the future. The untaught history of socialists’ devastating failures, by our education system, has resulted in the systematic corruption of recent generations, and to be so easily manipulated.

Make no mistake, the burning, looting and tearing down has nothing to do with civil rights, it is but a means to an end, a nefarious end. As Nikita Khrushchev said — he didn’t have to defeat us, we would bury our own. Don’t let it happen. We have a decision this election, to either build on our greatness, improve where we have fallen short and continue to improve or we can join with the leftists who tear down and destroy telling us we are bad people and need to be uprooted. The choice is ours.

William Dawe

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